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Developer Journal Day Thirty-Five Developer Journal Day Thirty-Five

I finally finished that background with all those damn shingles and now I’m back to working on that background I originally showed a few weeks ago of the commuter train. Since that was largely done when I showed it, it shouldn’t take anywhere NEAR as long as that one with all the roofs. The only complication is that…

Developer Diary Day Thirty-Three Developer Diary Day Thirty-Three

The good news is I have seemed (at least on the surface) to have fixed what wasn’t working, and now it seems all the routes work. This will totally be something I’ll need to have play tested at least a few times just to make sure that it, yes, does in fact work.

Developer Diary Day Thirty-Two Developer Diary Day Thirty-Two

I think I’ve figured out the best way to solve my tie problem in a fairly elegant way, but now the code isn’t actually working. And I can’t figure out why. The syntax looks like it -should- work based of off how I wrote it, but it won’t actually implement and it keeps defaulting to one path without doing the other…

Developer Diary Day Thirty-One Developer Diary Day Thirty-One

One step forward, two steps back. The backgrounds are still chugging along, but I’ve hit a snag with the game itself. It turns out the way I had set it up initially, I didn’t factor in a resolution in case I’d have a tie between two characters. I have a resolution for a 4-way tie, but a two or three way tie doesn’t…

The Geek Empress Plays with a Giga Pet The Geek Empress Plays with a Giga Pet

A few weeks ago my mom found a bunch of Tamagotchi Connections in Goodwill and bought them on a lark. Tamagotchi Connections were the 2004 reboot of the original Tamagotchis from the mid-nineties. It turns out the batteries for them were all dead so I dug out my old Giga Pet and decided to play with it instead, since…

Developer Diary Day Thirty Developer Diary Day Thirty

The first background is done, or at least done-ish. It’s done enough to work in the game, though I’m not 100% happy with it. I will probably go back and work on it some more, but I want to move on for now so I can get more of the total game done.

Developer Diary Day Twenty-Nine Developer Diary Day Twenty-Nine

Whoohoo! Major milestone unlocked! The first act is DONE. I mean, it will still need to be edited and revised, but it’s done enough to actually be put in the game and put into place. Now it needs to be coded so that the routes will separate out. I had been thinking this through for a while, and while I have in mind…

Developer Journal Day Twenty-Eight Developer Journal Day Twenty-Eight

Big break between the last time I worked on the game and now, and while I’ve been busy salvaging and repairing things, it actually worked out in terms of writing. I have just two scenarios left to write and the first act is done. The first background is making good progress as well.

Developer Diary Day Twenty-Seven Developer Diary Day Twenty-Seven

Haven’t been able to work on the game at all in the past week, I’ve just been too freaking exhausted. I’m still going through and sorting all the stuff that got flooded a few weeks back. It’s been really sucking to see some of the stuff that got destroyed.

Developer Diary Day Twenty-Six Developer Diary Day Twenty-Six

We’re in the final countdown for the First Act. I got to the final decision tree and am now working on each individual path. This will probably be the most important part of the first part of the game, since this starts giving more insight to all the romanceable characters. I’ve been trying to use the writing to give…

Developer Diary: Day Twenty-five Developer Diary: Day Twenty-five

Ahhhh! I’ve started working towards the final decision tree!!!! This is the final scene before the game would actually start branching off into the four individual character paths. Once I finish that, it will be enough content done to actually start working on the game proper. That will mean I’ll need to ramp up work…

Developer Journal: Day Twenty-Four Developer Journal: Day Twenty-Four

Today was a few steps forward and several back. I’m making huge progress on the script as I work through the second to final decision tree, and I also started working on more assets.

Developer Journal: Day Twenty-Three Developer Journal: Day Twenty-Three

Some of those IRL things are starting to sort themselves out, but not without tremendous effort. Still, I managed to find a little bit of time to work on the game, at this point more to take my mind off my problems rather than having any real passion for it. So I’ve been devoting that energy between more of the boring…

Developer Diary Day Twenty-Two: Developer Diary Day Twenty-Two:

I’m starting to get really frustrated with how many setbacks I keep running into whenever I have a project. In spite of everything going on in my life, I’m still trying to get at least a little Kaiju Crush work in. It seems like just when I finally get excited about something, life likes to come in and drop a big…

Developer Diary Day Twenty-One

Hit a pretty major setback in real life. Haven’t able to work on the game, or care very much about anything. Will see if I can regroup. Life can really suck sometimes.

Developer Diary: Day Twenty

Developer Diary: Day Nineteen Developer Diary: Day Nineteen

I’ve been juggling between writing and the backgrounds, but today I’ve been jumping back into character designs. I’ve been so focused on the romanceable characters that I completely overlooked one of the most important designs, the protagonist!

Developer Journal: Day Seventeen Developer Journal: Day Seventeen

Man, working in Fire Alpaca is sooo much slower than Photoshop. Even though the software is less resource intensive, the lack of shortcuts and not having vectors makes drawing a lot harder. When I draw interiors and buildings, I like to rely on drawing straight lines with the shift key, and smooth curves…

Developer Journal: Day Sixteen Developer Journal: Day Sixteen

The tablet is working out better and the lines are finally starting to not look so horrible. It helps that I adjusted a few settings to make things smoother, but Fire Alpaca is taking some getting used to. I have so many Photoshop commands memorized that I basically have them as muscle memories...and those shortcuts…

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