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FYI: Roy Batty's incept date is 1/8/16. Just about a year away.

Dragon Blade. Gods and Kings who? Dragon Blade. Gods and Kings who?

This trailer gets me excited the way trailers are supposed to. I mean, Jackie Chan and John Cusack in a war between ancient Rome and China? I'm torn between laughing and cheering.

Can we talk about Urshurak? Can we talk about Urshurak?

Urshurak. Fantasy book by Jerry Nichols, and the artists the Hildebrant bros. Anyone else read it? Remember it? Is it as good as I remember or was it just because I was 13? I remember the art, the foldout center one the most.

GTAV's Multiple Protagonists - As I Feared

One of the concerns (ok, the only concern) I had about GTAV was would having 3 protagonists impact my ability to become engaged in the game. And I can report that my concern has been validated. Maybe part of the problem is that Michael's complete impotence and ineffectualness as a man/father/husband doesn't make him…

FYI the free Skylanders giveaway at the Times Square Toys R Us already has a very long line, 4 hours before the event starts.

Anyone else notice that the plot of Ni No Kuni is almost exactly like The Talisman from King/Straub? Not that I'm complaining. It's spectacular.

In honor of the show's return, I ask again: Where is my Archer game?

Can't believe there is no tie-in game for consoles for the Hobbit movie coming out.

Mark of the Ninja is fun

Got Max Payne 3 for 15 bucks on Steam. Beautiful game, good gameplay, just not a fan of the dynamic where you only play the action parts and watch the story parts.

Where is my GTA-esque open world Archer RPG?

Where is my open world RPG based on Bladerunner/Neuromancer? Dues Ex was good but it wasn't open world enough.

It's disgusting that I'm considering purchasing a gamecube just so I can hip my 7yo son to the glory of Rogue Squadron II.

Archer RPG please.

Where the hell is my Archer RPG!!!!! With a 'Just The Tip' mini-game!!!!!

I'm going to chime in and say I don't like the new commenting system because I no longer feeling like I'm part of a on going discussion. The way it's presented, each comment is essentially it's own discussion. And instead of being able to scroll down and skim all the comments, unless I decide to click thru, I'm only…