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Caturday Evening Open Thread

Only a few hours away from Ultimate Bunday!!!

Caturday Morning Open Thread

Any big plans for your Easter weekend?

It's the End of the Week Open Thread

I can tell you’re excited.

Thursday Evening Open Thread

There’s a special 90 minute episode of Seth Meyers tonight to accommodate both a new “A Closer Look” and a new “Game of Jones”

Wednesday Evening Open Thread

How was your Bat Appreciation Day?

Monday Morning Open Thread

Time to go back to work....

Sunday Evening Open Thread Sunday Evening Open Thread

Game of Thrones is back for its end-run. Here’s hoping Sansa and Jon Snow die quickly. Also, here’s all your relevant links.  Definitely read the first one where Sarah Hughes talks about wondering if she’ll live long enough to see the conclusion (and other things) in the wake of her incurable cancer diagnosis.

It's the End of the Week Open Thread It's the End of the Week Open Thread

Almost done. Been at work all night. Going to go catch Hellboy and maybe Missing Link after lunch and then go home and sleep til Sunday night.

Wednesday Evening Open Thread

This week is seemingly endless. But here’s something to help counteract the overwhelming despair at the pointlessness of it all!

Caturday Evening Open Thread Caturday Evening Open Thread

Did a double-feature of Pet Semetary and Shazam! this morning. What’d you get into?

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