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Here, have some more idiocy

Coldpasta (aka. “an idiot”):

Here, have some idiocy

You are right wing. You enable them, at the very least. You couch it in terms like “moderate” and “compromise,” but it’s really just agreeing with the extreme right position while trying to co-opt the language of the left. I see you.

A Classic Never Dies A Classic Never Dies

Takes me back to high school. :)

NOTE: If you're trying to ignore someone...

...responding to that person’s thread in an effort to expressly TELL them that you’re ignoring them is a dip-shitted way to do it.

TIL that "experience policing" is a term...

...and I can see the tail of the shark that #activism just jumped.


‘Nuff said.

A Good Look At How We're Played A Good Look At How We're Played

Watch it, learn it, recognize it.

We need to have words!

Alright, let’s have some words!

ADVISORY: I work with what you give me.

Pretty simple: I work with what you give me. Give me aggro? You’ll get it back. Give me bullshit tactics wrapped in the thinnest of veneers? They’ll be called out. Give me a question? You’ll get an answer. Try to shut me down? Dismissed.

Can't Fix Stupid

Nope, sure can’t. Posting this as a reminder that some discussions aren’t worth having, and some well-meaning fucking mouth-breathers aren’t worth engaging with.

Where Conversation Goes to Die

Hey, y’all. Want to see a nice lil’ textual trainwreck? Turn on over to the “Men Who Kill” thread, particularly the most active discussion.