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This inescapable purgatory of camaro ownership. This inescapable purgatory of camaro ownership.

i’m trying to get out. desperately deeply seeking absolution in the form of something cheap and imported. i know small blocks have merits and the boomers love merican 80s malaisemobiles and i know on this the 4th of july what i’m saying is sacrilege of the highest degree.

Dragonball Shift Knobs

are a thing apparently and i love it. getting one for my new ride which is a secret until it gets finished. alas the camaro will be for sale soon

someone talk me out of this, if you can

so i saw this beauty on the charlotte craigslist. anyone wanna give me reasons i shouldn't buy this and put a grand or two in it?

This entire thread is filled with Awesome.

and i felt like i just had to share it, sadly so many of the truly amazing quirky creations from the gloriously insane 1980s seem to have gone forgotten, magazine articles and press photos are lost and this is a good step in the right direction i think for preserving some of the most ludicrous and wonderful of the…

I Can't Be the only one who wants to buy this thing

i'm pretty familiar with this car and i can tell you those wheels are a recent addition and a bad one at that. throw some stock period vette wheels on it and you'd have a hell of a sleeper........... uhh until you turned it on

News on Michael Schumacher? Anyone?

little upset that jalopnik seemed to abandon the story all together, i generally care to see how Micheal is doing and from around the internet noone seems to know anything other than he is home, released from the hospital and is on the road to recovery and doing rehabilitation at his home with w team of professional…

(sigh) i am once again unemployed my car loving friends. i'm strongly considering the military but i just don't know if that kind of lifestyle is for me. i don't know

why hasn't jalop been on this

Schumacher reported to be out of coma and released from hospital? is what ive been seeing everywhere true? is Micheal really getting better?

so today is my birthday so today is my birthday

i got nothing, noone told me. no cards, hugs, nothing. times like these i really miss how much my ex used to care about me.

why isn't roadkill on TV ?!?!?!?!?

seriously the most entertaining car show around. worlds better then whatever discovery or history channel and even most of what velocity is turning out. lets get roadkill on Tv!!!!!!!

so this popped up on my local craigslist…