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night oppo night oppo

Alfa Romeo taxi concept

Triumph Triumph

Triumph TR250K (c1967)

Naenara Naenara

Naenara SUV (North Korea)

morning oppo morning oppo

might as well make it compulsory to have every vehicle preceded my a person waving a red flag.

night oppo night oppo

Dodge Charger 111_700

hour rule hour rule

Simca anyone?

hour rule hour rule

2003 Honda HSC

Hour rule Hour rule

Went for a train ride yesterday 

Street view find Street view find

nice old Vauxhall. pic was take April 2018

guess where? guess where?

if you said Florida, you’re correct.

night oppo night oppo

Toyota Crown coupe

Corolla Corolla

KE30 Toyota Corolla

hour rule hour rule

Toyota La Coupé (Japan) c2018

Doesn’t inspire confidence Doesn’t inspire confidence

When a bus driver needed a gps to do the route 

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