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Hey, Bake Off Fans! Hey, Bake Off Fans!

If you’ve been to PBS or Netflix and watched the Great British Bake Off, truth is you haven’t seen every series. What those channels call “Season 1" through “Season 4" are actually seasons four through seven. But, for a little while, at least, some angel has put those older seasons up on the web. If you want to see…

Songs as Short Stories

Of course songs tell stories. Mostly about love and loss, happiness and heartache. Or just sex. But those are boring. Here are just a couple examples of my favorite stories-as-songs, from some of the usual gang of weirdos I let into my ears. (Lyrics included, so yeah it’s a long post. Kinja will love it.)

"One piece snapped awf..."

“...me me dead centah. Thank Gawd I had ‘em on.” I still use that line to this day. It’s highly appropriate for everyday use, and I recommend it as a central part of your own vernacular.

Crazy-Ass Commercials

Just as God bade King Arthur to have his Knights seek the Grail “to make them an example in these dark times,” so shall we use this post to trump our own current darkness.

Sure, Why Not

Basically: Maine man sees image of Jesus in his toast. Says it’s a sign that things for him are “moving in the right direction.” Now, he’s keeping it in the freezer (“Jesus on Ice!”) and hopes to sell it on Ebay.

A Paean to a few Obscure Kevins A Paean to a few Obscure Kevins

This is a post that no one is crying out for.

Is this retro? Who cares. Enjoy it anyway.

One of the low spots of 2016 was the end of the Great British Bake Off. Okay, so it’s not really going away, but it is losing 3/4 of its cast, and moving to a new, commercial, channel. Everyone hates this and you should too. But as a parting gift, the BBC has given us not one, but a two episode Christmas special.

None More Red

Unless this thing is the shape of Lenin’s head, this can’t get any redder than any other red on Red Week.

GBBO s07e05: Pastry Week! GBBO s07e05: Pastry Week!

Pastries! Always a favorite of mine. If you can believe it, there are actually people in the world—sad, sad, disturbed people—who not only don’t watch the show but complain about episodes like this one, and Bread Week as well. Why? Carbs (waah). Calories (waah). Wasting food (fuck off). It makes my id rage thinking…

GBBO s07e04: Batter Week! GBBO s07e04: Batter Week!

What a tumultuous couple of weeks it’s been for fans of the Bake Off. In short: the show is moving to Channel 4, a commercial channel; the next season will be a “celebrity bake” ugh; the next “real” season may not be until 2018; Mel and Sue announced they’re not going with the show; Mary Berry later announced the…

Mary Berry says "No more soggy bottoms."

Paul is staying, but Mary Berry has decided not to follow the Bake Off to its new home. Dismayed he’s staying, but understand if he can’t turn down piles o’ cash. (Had a fantasy that the the fab four would stay with the BBC and a new sort-of Bake Off would be created.)

GBBO s07e03: Bread Week! GBBO s07e03: Bread Week!

Before I get to last week’s episode, let’s just go over the events of the past 24 hours that have turned my baking-on-tv world upside down. For those of you who weren’t following the news, the BBC had been negotiating to extend the contract with the show’s producers, and keep the Bake where it belongs. Recently,…

GBBOs07e02: Biscuits! GBBOs07e02: Biscuits!

My god, but this was a crazy episode. Bakes ranged from fancy and professional looking to done-by-Bub levels of amateurism. And to get it started, there was this lovely view of springtime in England:

GBBO s07e01: CAKES GBBO s07e01: CAKES

It’s back! And just as great as ever! If you don’t like this show, then you are a doomed soul. I will eat some cake for you. Anyway, let’s get right to it:


It’s the finale of the sixth season of the wonderful and magnificent Great British Bake Off. It’s come down to probably the three most consistent and interesting bakers of the season (although I’d like to add Flora too), in Ian, Nadiya, and Tamal.

GBBO Mega-Post!

Time to play catch-up and get this party wrapped up! This post will feature episodes 6 thru 9, with a separate post to come for the season finale. BY THE WAY: Season 7 begins on the BBC next Wednesday, August 24th! There’s no chance us poor slobs in the Western Hemisphere can see it live, but maybe some sweet soul…

Are you ready for some football? No.

Deadspin just posted it’s annual “Running of the Patriots Fans” article. It’s the usual brand of demi-hilarity, only shared here because this is what I’ll get to see every night on the local news for the next, oh, two months or so. (Programming note: I live in Maine.)

GBBOs06e05: Alternative Ingredients GBBOs06e05: Alternative Ingredients

Late post this week. I’m very tired, it’s been hot, and for some reason I keep torturing myself by running a 5k every month. Also, there were two eps on Friday night, so I’ll post one here and the second one later, probably tomorrow after I’ve slept 20 hours.

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