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Scenes From East Coast Bash Scenes From East Coast Bash

I hadn’t realized how dark it’d gotten until the fuse blew. The stadium lights flooding the road course at Englishtown blinked out and briefly, for the first time all day, the blare of drift cars stopped.

Meet The 'Roller Coaster From Hell,' The Giant Drift Jump In Estonia 

The most famous corners in racing are all about elevation change: Eau Rouge at Spa, The Corkscrew at Laguna Seca, the Minami jump at Ebisu. Now, please welcome the“Roller Coaster From Hell,” recently run for the first time at Estonia’s Kehala Ring.

Why Chris Forsberg's 800 HP V6 Nissan 370Z Idles Like A Muscle Car

I’ve long maintained that drifters are the new hot rodders, but it was still surprising to me when I heard Chris Forsberg’s Nissan 370Z Formula Drift pro car with an 800-plus horsepower VQ V6. This car idles like a big block gasser.

Good Bail

What makes a good driver isn’t how you drive when everything goes right; it’s how you drive when everything goes wrong.

Destroying The Tires Of Your Ford GT Is The Best Way To Celebrate National Donut Day

Today is National Donut Day, which big-time national donut chains usurped to lure you into their doors. Much better, it’s as an excuse to roast tires, and an exceptionally appropriate way to drive your ultra-rare Ford GT, as demonstrated by pro drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr.

We'll Be At Formula Drift At Wall Stadium In New Jersey Tomorrow, You Should Come Hang We'll Be At Formula Drift At Wall Stadium In New Jersey Tomorrow, You Should Come Hang

The 2018 season of Formula Drift is well underway and Jalopnik will be at Wall Stadium in New Jersey tomorrow for round four. Will you be in the area with nothing to do? Drop by for some sideways fun and say hello!

Drones Chasing Drift Cars Through The Woods Is The Best Kind Of Madness

If you’re missing your daily dose of eye candy, the mad Latvian drift filmmakers at Robyworks—with the help of some drone racing friends—are here to help.

Don't Miss East Coast Bash This Weekend, One Of The Best Car Events Of The Year Don't Miss East Coast Bash This Weekend, One Of The Best Car Events Of The Year

It’s the bash to end all bashes: ECB, the East Coast Bash. Drifting, crashing, and running into the night under the lights at Englishtown, New Jersey. Those who miss it live only to regret it.

You Don't Know Rust Until You See What Passes For A Car In Canada You Don't Know Rust Until You See What Passes For A Car In Canada

I thought I had a good understanding of how rusty cars are in Canada, then I saw this Nissan 240SX held together with little more than hopes and dreams.

Apparently You Can Do Hands-Free Donuts

Behold, the king of all donuts. Hands-free donuts.

Things Don't Go According To Plan For This Mercedes Sprinter Drift Van

The good blue Mercedes Sprinter drifting van was tripped and tipped by the bad, no-good cars that spun.

Here's What We Don't Normally Show You About All Those Cool Japanese Drift Cars

The internet at large remains obsessed with the big flick reverse entry style of drifting big in Japan with Naoki Nakamura, Team BURST and the little circuit Meihan. It always looks amazing how the cars bush up against the wall, flirting with destruction, looking like they’re about to crash. Here’s what you don’t…

Listen To The Chop On This Custom Toyota V12 Drift Car Listen To The Chop On This Custom Toyota V12 Drift Car

The V12 is a pinnacle of engines, almost exclusively reserved for luxury cars and exotic sports cars. As such, its rare you find one built like a real hot rod, with lumpy cams and all. That’s why this Nissan Silvia drift car with a very custom Toyota 1GZ is so exciting. Well, that and how amazing it sounds.

Here's The Right Way To Drive A 2018 Ford Raptor Around The Nürburgring

If you had a 450 horsepower 2018 Ford Raptor and a rain-soaked Nürburgring all to yourself, would you try to set a competitive lap time nobody’d remember or hang the tail out and have the time of your life? I think Vaughn Gittin Jr. made the right call here.

American Driving Is Echoing Back Into Drifting In Japan

They learned its style. They recreated it on a skidpad. They played it in driving sims. But NorCal’s Drift Team Animal Style had never physically gone to Meihan, the tiny track in Japan that gave the world the backwards entry and has become legendary in the Internet Era of drifting. This past year, they shipped their…

Watch In Awe As The Best Drifters From Japan And America Shred The Same Track

Super D Matsuri is the ultimate drift weekend. This year’s version attracted some of Japan’s and America’s best drifting talent to the California desert, complete with the incredible cars they brought with them. The photos of the cars in action were mind-blowing enough, but the videos were even better.

Japan's Best Drifters Invade The California Desert Japan's Best Drifters Invade The California Desert

Far from the sights and sounds of LA and about 15 wrong turns down dirt roads, you’ll spot a sliver of a karting track paved into the California desert. It was here that drivers from around the world converged to demonstrate a style of driving rarely seen on American shores. Well, that and shotgun beers.

Watch A 1,000 HP Nissan GT-R Slay Its 21-Inch Tires

One of the most entertaining drivers in Japan over the past few years has been Kazuya Taguchi, an Up Garage employee (kind of like super Autozone) who also runs in Formula Drift. Now he’s come stateside in this 4.1-liter R35 Nissan GT-R, which makes more power than you’d ever need.

These Ford Mustangs Still Blow My Mind

Since 2016, the Ford Mustangs running in Formula Drift have had one of the most wonderfully bizarre suspension setups I’ve seen. It’s back again for this season and I am still obsessed.

Formula Drift Ferrari Catches Fire On Debut Formula Drift Ferrari Catches Fire On Debut

The twin-supercharged, 900 horsepower V12 Ferrari 599 has been the most anticipated car to come to Formula Drift in years and, well, things didn’t go great on its debut. On its first round in its debut competition, it burst into flames.

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